Remco's family


Magdalena, mother

You were the light of my life. That happy child you were such a wonderful
individual. You tried to be so very positive and you fought so very hard.
But, the road went another way for you my loving son.
We will always be together in heart and soul.
Until I see you again.
I love you my son - your mom



Proud we were of you. Your Dad and Mom!! After a nose dive you where
to your old self again. In one year's time you achieved to get your High school
Diploma that actually takes with junior high 6 years time. You were so very happy and felt like you where on top of the World. We are all very proud of you. The one that always picked up the pieces!!
I love you - dad


Magda, sister

My loving brother oh how i miss you so verry much.
I miss your smile and your jokes. My heart has been
broken but, Thank God for the wonderful memories
and pictures of you that I have. You will forever be in
my heart, sleep in peace until we meet again.                            

              ***   Your sis magda - LOVE YOU ***

Harmena, sister

To my lovely litte bro,
Little you were, comming to Dallas,
In 20 years, my tall brother, you make
me  laugh, smile. I miss you, and I know
you will be there - when we meet again

         Love you Harmena

Grandma Cook

Dear Grandson
I loved you when you where a litte baby
So handsome and friendlyYou are
with grandpa nowWe will always love you

Grandma Cook



To the Angel that now resting in peace.
forever now your gone,but that doesn't mean
your lost day we will be together.
And that day will be like the rebirth of the universe
and galaxy.  
                       Love xavier



Uncle Remco
We love you for so long now you are gone.
When I am gone i'll see you there togehter in peace.
My mom loves you we all love
you Remco we do.

             Love Christina



Unle Remco we miss you alot. We won't forget you we will allways love you.

              Love Sevin


We love you and miss you we had alot of fun  with you.
I love you and you are handsome .

         Love Elizabeth



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