As if the earth had shocked
In a fraction of a second My life was changed
Suddenly nothing is the same, the colours, flowers are different people voices are not the same
Everything is dark and grey
It feels like the earth had swallowed me whole
Gone you are, all of a sudden, just stolen from my heart
For just a second I was able to touch you laying there with your eyes shut.
Cold you felt the hairs on your head felt the same when you were a baby
So badly I wanted to cradle you or just whisper in your ear that it will be alright
To sing a lullaby before you went to bed but, it’s not needed anymore, your in eternal sleep
Why are they taking you away, so soon, no longer I can see you, kiss you
Unable to touch you, not able to smell the sent of your hair everything is going too fast
They say he is not living anymore, but I only see the child off my womb
The child who's tears I dried your sadness and confusions
You fought so very long and hard but, it was enough they came to get you
The coffin is closing how awful it feels this moment, knowing that I will never be able to hold you in my arms again
How can I ever forget you, your smile your voice those piercing eyes
How can life ever be the same now that you are no longer here
Slowly they lower the coffin with dirt they cover the
child from my womb


your MOM


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