My loving little Brother

Remco, yow was our protector, our Knight in Shining Amor.
Even thought I was your big sister, to me you where the one that watched over us.
You were such a beautiful baby and a wonderful little brother that brought a lot of Sunshine in our hearths. I loo back on all the wonderful years tat we had together. WitH the girls knocking on the doors, you with your Michael Jackson look.
To you my “The Basketball Superstar”, you will always be my superstar and shining star.
I thank the father in heaven that he brought you in to my life. You have teached me so much. I remember how you always touch my cheek and the wonderful hug’s you gave me.
Remco, the father in heaven needs that special angel the one with a heart as pure gold. He needed that beautiful gentle soul, I will always keep you in my hearth and my children’s heart I love you so very much and soon very soon, I will seer you again . Until then keep playing Basketball for God and the angels in the sky.

You always be our RC Love
your sis, Maggy
Day of the funeral - 7 april 2006

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