Remco's book


This book is based on a true story. It is about a child who is separated from his father at 6 years of age.Who with his mother and sister moved back to the Country he was born in. When he still lived in the United States He was the apple of his father's eyes. After moving abroad his father neglected to keep in touch with his son."HUNGER FOR LOVE" searching for love and exceptions by his father. And the searching for his own identity. He does everything in his power just to be excepted by his father. But, his father pushes him away time after time. Remco is unable to get on the right path to fill the emptiness he has inside. He starts to eat, he eats so much that it turns to obesity.

Obesity is a silent killer. If your child is a heavy drug user he is a drug addict. If you drink a lot of alcohol you are alcoholic. Remco was treated for 9 months through RIAGG. Even though signs showed that everything was not in order with Remco. And all the notices from Remco himself to the staff and the couple of months of them visiting his apartment. It showed that he definitely had all the signs of having an obesity. And signs of not being active or staying in bed weeks at a time and the neglect of his apartment. Even with different meetings with the staff from RIAGG. They asked themselves if Remco was showing signs of obesity. Should he not be getting a physical or mental examination?
The psychologist did not take it on herself to do this. Her answer was "I DID NOT THINK OF IT"

The book shows how vital a fathers plays in a child's life. How important a father is for a child to find it's own identity. For a teenager who is still trying to find his path in life. Distance should not stop your love for your child. It shows that changes need to be made in the medical institutions. As I have spoken to different people Remco is not by himself when it comes to this matter. There are people that for months were treated by medical institutions that have not received a physical or mental examination. That means there not only sick physically but, also mentally or a combination of both.

April 1, 2006
Remco Harrel Harmanus cook
passed away

At the age of 28 - here ends his fight
“Hunger for love”


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