Remco's ancesters

As we are use to in the Netherlands. Remco is also from a ancestry of different cultures German, France, South American, North American from his father site.

Since 1520 wen can trace back a family Ooms in Holland and the family are listed in the books as a family that goes back to 1200 in Belgium.
The oldest member from our family tree are Nicolaas Adams born 1739, the son of Adam Jacobsz and Anna Elizabeth van Eeuwijk.

The oldest known was the grandmother of my mother born May 19,1861. Grandmother Dorethea Ooms was married to Harmanus Loggen they had a child named Harmanus Loggen born May 5, 1883. He married Magdalena van der Heijden born December 8,1908.

The family Ooms and Loggen lived in Amsterdam Son Harmanus was asked to marry some one from the same stature. He met Magdalena Van der Heijden a daughter of a prominent business man. So, they were able to wed.
Grandmother was a housewife and after having my mother had three more children. She would sow clothes with her grandchildren hour at a time.

Grandfather Loggen along with his brother owned a lot of realestate and his hobby's were teaching boxing at a school at Sarphatis street in Amsterdam. In 1914 he had written a book under his writers name H. Broonton.
Grandfather did a lot of traveling would bring young boxers back to Europe to get them ready for a championship it is written in his book.

Grand father Harmanus and Grandmother Magdalena had a daughter by the name of MAGDALENA FRANCISCA HARMINA DORETHEA ENGELINA Born 01-01-1925 who passed a way in may 2006.

She married Jacques Cornelis Charlot Born 01-26-1925 in Paramaribo he passed away in 1984.

Remco grandmother went to Highshool and College and was valedictorian of the class. When they married in 1950 woman were supposed to stay at home and take care of the house hold. Remco's grandmother could draw and play different music instruments like the banjo, accordion. Music was always in our house. Grandmother Magdalena had three more children beside Remco's mom. Grandma Magdalena lived three years in Suriname (South-America) with her husband (Remco's grandfather), after the death of there son who died a coply month after his birth. They returned back to The Netherlands. Grandpa Charlot was the son of Jacoba Christina Charlot. He was very technical and worked in garages. Who also played accordion on Sunday's they would play old Negro Spirituals. This was really welcomed by my grandmam Magdalena, he did not like regular church music. She felt that churches where trying to control the way people lived there life's. During these years when there were not many people of color people would ask" do you rube of if I touch you?" or "can I touch your hair because it is different than ours?"

They had a daughter Jaquelina Harmina Charlot born 12-10-1953. She married

Harold cook born 11-08-1946. In the neighborhood where I live in Amsterdam we did not have a lot of children from other cultures. There where some Jewish families that people would talk about like they were different from everyone else. Sometimes you would see some one from Indonesia or a Chinese man that sold peanuts on the street. After my degree in social services I started to work for Immigration to help people who were fleeing from there countries, countries in war, people whome are looking for a betterand safe life. I really injoy my job I get to learn so much from all these different cultures. The people are so warm and friendly and everyone should be able to have a piece of the world.

Remco's father came from Louisiana from the real orthodox Christian side of the south of America. Where people were striding to keep the South segregated. The stories that his father us to tell Remco would touch Remco deeply. Where you had to sit in the back of the bus or as an adult stand up for a young adolescent because, you weren't the right skin color. For a teenager dealing with pier pressure this is hard to deal with. The most wonderful times Remco shared with his father was the love for Basketball.

Magdalena Charlot and Harold Cook received a son Remco Harrel Harmanus - besides Remco he has a sister named Magdalena, a sweet preccious person with a warm hearth, who always watched over Remco her little brother. Magda lives in U.S.A and works in a Hospital in Dallas. She has had five children where one was lost in a tragic car accident in 1994. Just like Remco's grandmothers son, now they are all together.

The nice thing about our family history is that in every child. Grandchild or great grand child that the names Harmanus,Harmina and Magdalena are generations long.


Remco loved his grandfather cook. He would tell him stories about the life in the south of America. Remco's father was 20 years old when people of color had to sit in the back of the bus. And he would tell him that he could not just enter any store of his choosing and how he fought for equal rights. These stories made Remco very emotional and asked "how could people treat other individuals like that?" He would ask. And everything that they had to go through day after day he had a lot of respect for them. And when ever he could he would ride the bus or walk in the hot sun just to go see his grandparents

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