Remcos friends


Barbara Session-Cook

My precious child”

What a gift you were to the world; a smile that would light up a room as well as your heart. Thanks for allowing me to come into your life and watch over you in the USA as your second mom. You paid me the highest compliment when you told me I reminded you of your mother, and after meeting her, I can see why you were so loving and giving of yourself. I miss you and sometimes I have to look at your picture to see that great smile. I thank God that I have many pictures and memories of you.

I love you much,

Barbara Session-Cook

Duncanville, Texas


Hartwich Owen

When you say Remco, You say Basketball
When you say Remco, You say Dallas, Texas
When you say Remco, You say RC my Homey

Rest in Peace

Hartwich Owen


Sister of Hartwich

Remco, You were such a good friend

Sister of Hartwich



I would give everything, just to have you back with us
to forget the pain days when we used to write letters,
talk on the phone and listen to music
We miss you R.C. and that will never change!

*** Lucia ***



Remco I  don't know what to say
but, just know I will never forget you
          Love Djana


Dear Remco,
No words can express the pain I feel,
the lost of you not being with us.
You were there when I needed help,
You were like a big brother to me
Remco, may GOD bless you,
             Love Liza


You will always be in my heart
Yo, I love you my nigg
You''r gone, but we will meet again
A lot aff people are missing you
We will never forget
foreva gonna make it, like you said
Rest in peace Remco!
dear Remco,

You are gone but, not forgotten
You where Special to us all
And you Will stay Special to us
You are in a better place save with God
with love


Remmy, that's how I called you
We have experienced nice things together
I will never forget you, you will always be in my heart
      Love Aicha
Remco, may your blessings follow you in your
after life. From the blessings you have done in your
passed life
Remco, there is nothing left to laugh about anymore
Remco, it was a honor to have known you
Rest in Peace
Gens and Family
Rest in Peace
we will miss you
Rest Sweet
Finally Rest
Love, Annemarie
Remco, I remember how we used to make video tapes 
of Micheal Jackson
We will meet again and play the game together again
Bruno and Mike
I have missed you, I am going to look on the courts where
we used to play and I will see you there
Bye Dear Remco

Nothing but love
I catch you on the flipside
The times we have spend together will forever be in my memories

I know I will never forget Remco,
he was one of the people who always made me
feel sprecial
Love always
Gracielle Owen
Remco was a nice friend
he will stay in our memories
Florence Hasselbaink
I know Remco from highschool and playing basketball,
a joyfull person , that''s the way I want to remember him
         claire Soulages
In our memories was friendly and a good athlete
Student Council, OSG De Rietlanden
We do not know what to say
But, you will always be in our hearts
Love, Vanny,Patricia,Rondy



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