The lawsuit


Beginning 2005  

Remco will not let me come inside his home anymore. In the past we    cleaned his house together. I was scared that he was falling back into depression again. He would get out of bed when I came buy. I could see the signs of depression again. I went to the local Doctor and ad viced him of Remco situation. I asked him to please get in contact with RIBW. They are specialized in people who isolate themselves and have psychological problems. I contacted kwintes.

Remco would not always answer the door or open his mail, He finally let a social worker inside of his home. After numerous conversations Remco finally  go's to RIAGG(medical facility).

March 2006

Remco  go's  to RIAGG(medical facility).As his mother I went with Remco to get more information about my son's situation. In my presents Remco was asked the question" what do you think is wrong?" He replied "I think I am falling in a deep state of depression". This was Remco's own conclusion after noticing his own situation. Even though I stayed out of the sessions. Remco suggested that he may need medication to help him with his situation.

I called the social worker and asked if there wasn't any kind of medication that he could take that would help him with his situation. Since he has been suffering with this since the age of 17. After Remco's death I asked what was the reason that my son did not receive medication for his situation? The psychiatrist answered that she wasn't really for giving Remco any medication seeing that his weight would have been a issue. And that he needed a physical examination before she could give him any kind if medication.
After that moment she was thinking about his physical health.

Remco keeps his appointments but, realized that nothing seems to work. His dieting and activities in sport did not help. He started to lay in bed months at a time. Remco keeps going to  RIAGG(medical facility) for help. During the Hot Summers and Cold Winter weather Remco would ride his bike non-stop with a life threatening glucose level and deadly heart valves to RIAGG(medical facility). They personally gave this information. He was really hoping that they could make him better.

April 3.2006 Three day’s after Remco died, I contacted the psychiatrist but, she did not had time to speak to me,. This left me as mother from my deceased son with a lot of unanswered questions


Remco passing away.
Remco's burial.
Spoke to the psychiatrist who treated Remco Miss H. from the Medical centre for psychiatrist patients (called “RAG”)
The conversation started with the question if I would mind if a student could sit with us when I talk about the death of my child. This student did not even know my child. I disagree with her suggestion.
After I tell her how I feel about her asking me this her response is " You can say yes or no ( in the seem manner like) it's not like some one is twisting your rest."
In this conversation I understood that the psychiatrist never went to physical examination Remco, after all the nine months he consequently visit the Medical centre. After my question why she didn’t - she replied; “It never crossed my mind.”
Put in a complaint with the Medical Board of the own psychiatrist medical
Hearing from the Medical Board
The Medical Board agreed that the psychiatrist should have given Remco a physical examination with all the signs that Remco had shown and especially after her own assistant-team suggested that Remco needed a physical examination, she should have physical
Exam Remco.
10-24-2006 etwork Television (The national Dutch broadcast) Remco’s airs the situation and asked RIAGG (Medical centre) if they had anything they would like to say anything about this matter… they had no commit.
08-07-2006 As Remco's mother I ask RIAGG to pay for my child burial expenses
08-15-2006 Received a letter from medical board and they are willing to pay for Remco's burial but,,,, on the condition that I sign the paper and herby release them off the fact that paying for Remco’s grave doesn’t mean they commit to be negligence in Remco's dead. The worst thing I find that the wrote was the fact that In the letter they called the payment for Remco’s grave ‘a friendly jester’ from them to me
09-11-2006 Letter from me to RIAGG that I will not sign any letters releasing them of there responsibility. It is op to a Judge to decide if they are at fault or not. Why would they think that I would sign such a release to suggest it as being a friendly jester from them to me.
And very clearly I told the Chairman of the medical centre that not
Under any circumstance I would sign for a grave that is given as a friendly jester. What they are exactly saying; Dear Remco, we are giving you this grave as a friendly jester; well there is nothing friendly about the death of my child, due to neglecting of a medical centre/psychiatrist.
09-25-2006 Letter from Medical board. They replied by saying they followed all the necessary protocols and find that with all of Remco's symptoms and physical evidence that they did not have to physically exam-en him the letter went on by telling me that they also wanted to let me know me that Remco was not suffering from depression. So, what was he doing at RIAGG all those months? Should they not have did a physical examination with all the symptoms that he was showing? They want to believe that because; Remco said he felt fine that everything was in order. WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THAT!!!!
I would not have sent my son there if it was not needed. There where so many signs of depression even the medical staff that suggested that he needed a physical saw the signs. Remco himself said that he is neglecting himself and his apartment. And that he was laying in bed month’s at a time. I myself work for social services and if a pupil comes to me and says" everything is fine with me" but, weeks at a time he lays in bed does not go to school isolates himself. And than when I call the school they say" he does not attend classes." but I go by the word of a pupil and don't take action. It is unbelievable this kind of response from these Doctors. And specially that Remco had so many signs; there where signs Physical and mental signs. Even in my presents at RIAGG Remco told them that he felt depressed that he could not finish things that he started that he was to neglecting himself and his surroundings. So how can they say he did not inform them of anything. Other response in there letters where " If Remco could loose weight back in 2003 why not this time" A doctor makes this statement that knows someone with a sugar level of 6 times the normal level (life threatening) And clogged artery's with out insulin and medical attention could not do this on his own. (See a letter from me to the Medical Board September 25,2006.After these statement’s, I decided I will not accepting any payments (thousand of dollars) for my sons burial expenses. Remco's soul would not rest knowing that the medical institution and staff felt that did not even have helped him with his depression and with all the mistakes they have made still will not own op to there mistakes. With all the signs. Remco had enormous weight gain, isolation, neglecting himself, laying in bed weeks at a time, unable to do simple tasks. And they can say, "With friendly jester we give you this money". Not a grain of salt of there money will touch my child's burial site. I have taking out a loan and have paid for all the burial expenses and have paid for the headstone. And I pay this out of love. That is the moral of all of this everything else does not matter
10-03-2006 I render services from the judicial system for an Attorney
10-06-2006 Mr. Ridder, at Zeewolde, is recommended to me. And medical transcript has been requested from RIAGG for Remco. Second letter was sent no response to the request.

Mr. Ridder, at Zeewolde, is recommended to me. And medical transcript has been requested from RIAGG for Remco. Second letter was sent no response to the request.


Besides starting a lawsuit I contacted all our congress party’s in Holland
(About 9 parties) I informed them about the medical situation in Holland:
The fact that in the medical protocol of the medical psychiatrist centres.
The psychiatrist is not obligated to physical exam a patient with psychiatrist problems. With means that people, like Remco, can be physical ill instead of mental of a have a combination of the illness, and have months, years of conversation and never be examed. This is a very strange medical situation, because of the fact that any one with anaemic, diabetic, hormone problems can have a feel totally burned out, for this reason not taking care of them self,
After the Dutch TV broadcast the situation, I received replies from other people. Its sad to say, Remco was not the only one who died be-cause he visit a centre for mental health and was not physical checked .

Keep checking Remco’s website for information.

Magdalena Charlot
Remco’s Mom


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